Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Coming Soon to ELO: Blogging!

Starting during the 2011-2012 school year, blogging will enter my ELO classroom.  Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their enrichment experiences, content learning, analysis and evaluation of research and classroom discussions, and overall goal achievement through the consistent posting of an individual blog.  At this time I’m interested in having the students create their blogs in Youth Voices, a network for educators and students to hopefully ensure more safety and privacy.  Podcasts with auditory reflection, images, and videos may also be uploaded to student blogs to enhance and further promote the ideas communicated within their postings.

Blogging will also be incorporated through various enrichment experiences.  Students working with me in writing enrichment will have the opportunity to utilize a blog as a digital writer’s notebook where they have the opportunity to collect important quotes, play with language, brainstorm ideas, and perhaps share personal experiences to prompt and aid in their writing.  If ok with them, they will also have the opportunity to comment on other classmates’ blogs and begin to explore writing shared by other students around the world on the Youth Voices network.

Students may also be collaboratively writing blog entries to share various experiences throughout the year.  There are a variety of possibilities and we will continue to try new ideas.  The important point to remember is that blogs allow the students to reflect, analyze, evaluate, experiment with language and argumentation, share ideas, and build online communication skills; all skills necessary for the 21st century.

For more information about blogging you can browse various sites listed on my Technology Webliography on my ELO website.

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